Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Lucas first moved overseas after he finished his doctorate in clinical psychology from The George Washington University. In need of a change, he sold all of his belongings, packed up two bags, bought a one-way ticket to Macedonia, and moved there without a job. He settled in the city of Tetovo and ended up living there for a total of four years over two separate time periods, working as a university professor, grant writer, and secondary school principal. He learned Albanian and fell in love with the people, culture, and city.

Currently, Lucas lives and works as an educator on Jeju island in South Korea. He lives there with his beautiful wife and two amazing sons. He spends his days homebrewing, practicing the art of BBQ, and playing basketball as often as his old and broken body will allow.

Lucas has lived and worked in Macedonia, China, Kuwait, and South Korea. He and his wife have travelled all over Europe and Asia, with and without children. While every part of the world has something amazing and unique to offer, the Balkans will always remain his first love.

Lucas lived in Macedonia for nearly four years across two different time periods. He, his wife, and his brother travelled all over the Balkans and truly experienced life and travel in the area. Here are a few pictures of Tetova, the Pena river valley, and the Balkans:

Path To Bozofse
Pena River Valley
The View From Our Apartment in Tetova
Lake Ohrid. One of my favorite places.
Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. Paradise.
Mostar, BiH

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