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Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s case for Universal Basic Income

Fascinating. Just listen to this guy. Most people want to dismiss the idea out of hand, including myself, but Andrew Yang is a pretty darn convincing dude.

Andrew Yang: Can’t Stop Listening To This Guy

Physicist Brian Cox talks about God

The whole podcast is amazing. I just included this little snippet because it is particularly interesting.

Philosopher Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism

Long but essential. To understand our world now, you must have a grasp on postmodernism, regardless of your point of view.

Jordan Peterson on Your Child’s Temper Tantrums

For all of us parents. We have all read about managing our kids’ temper tantrums. A lot of the advice sounds the same. Now listen to Jordan Peterson.

Nietzsche. Always Nietzsche.

The Last Man.

I Write About Stuff You Bunch of Dummies

Lucas Dines

I Write About Stuff You Bunch of Dummies

Echoes In Eternity

I Write About Stuff You Bunch of Dummies

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